Smokey Chipotle Medium Salsa and Dip Mix

Smokey Chipotle Medium Salsa and Dip Mix

$ 10.99

Smokey Chipotle Salsa and Dip Mix combines our original blend of bold flavors with smoked jalapeno peppers and hickory smoked salt, giving it an incredible smokey flavor with a nice medium heat.  With its fresh and distinct flavors, this salsa will make your mouth smokin' happy!

Use it with diced tomatoes to make a quick salsa or add to sour cream and mayo for a delicious smokey fiesta dip.   You can even use it with tomatillos for an authentic green salsa.  These recipes are on the package and are so easy, even our 10 year old can make them!  Just one word of warning: it’s extremely addicting!  You’ll soon find out why we call it Dad’s Disappearing Salsa.

This is a multi-use package and can be used several times to make 6 pints of salsa or 3 - 4 pints of dip or mix it up.

100% All Natural Ingredients, Sugar Free (We Use Stevia), No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No MSG

For simple instructions on how to use this mix just click here: How it Works

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