Our Story

Bringing Family & Friends to the Table

Dad and Mom at the TableAs a family we’ve spent a lot of time around the table digging into the chips and watching Dad’s delicious salsa disappear before our eyes.  He’s been making it for years, tweaking it till it was just right.  Everyone raved about how amazing it was.  So we decided to sell it at local markets.  It was a hit!  But honestly, the prep work of making all that jarred salsa was too much!  That’s when a friend suggested making it into a dry mix. Genius!  So Dad worked hard at selecting the right combination of dry ingredients that would not only taste just like his fresh salsa, but would also meet our high standards of a healthy, all-natural product.  And that’s how our Original Mild Fair to Midlin' Salsa Mix was born.

Not only did this save us time making and packaging our product, it also provides a quick and easy way to have fresh salsa anytime you want and in less than a minute!  No need for lots of ingredients and all that chopping and dicing.  At our house, anything that saves time and energy is a winner!

Little did we know that our salsa mix would actually be 3 products in 1! We tried adding it to sour cream and were amazed!  Dad’s Disappearing Dip rocks!!  Now we have people buying our mix for the dip alone.  Then we tried tomatillos instead of red tomatoes and Dad’s Green Salsa was born.  We are big fans of green salsa so you can just imagine the hootin’ and hollerin’ that was going on that day.   And it just keeps going from there.  Our fans continually tell us new ways they are using Dad’s Mix.  You’ll find them on our recipe page!

We love it that now there are families all over the country digging into the chips and watching Dad’s delicious salsa disappear before their eyes too.  Our “family” has grown and we hope you join us at the table…it’s time to eat!

 Dad's Disappearing Salsa Family