The Mena Family

(Steven, Jenny, Jake, Zack, Ben, Sam, Hailey, Jed, Abel, Ezra & Haven)

It all began with a couple of high school sweethearts who fell deeply in love and knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  So they got married!  Now this isn’t any ordinary love story.  No, this love was not a fly-by-night kind of love.  It was founded and rooted in Jesus Christ.  And because of that, through the good times and the bad, it has only grown deeper and wider.  And it has produced a slew of kids too!  Now that there are 11 of us, Jesus is still the center of everything, including our family business.  We teach our kids that everything we do is an opportunity to learn and grow….and that everything we do should be done for God’s honor and glory.  So as we work together to provide really great salsa, we do it with excellence as unto the Lord, trusting that if you “commit to the LORD whatever you do…your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3).  We hope that you see these values come through in the quality of our products and the love and care we put into serving our customers.



Dad's Salsa Crew

Steven - "Dad"

From the beginning, even before “Dad” was a dad, he was often found cooking up something in the kitchen.  Of course, this now makes for a very happy Mom!  And the kids love it too. With a family our size, Dad loves to be resourceful and has an amazing way of grabbing whatever he can find from the pantry and whipping up something surprisingly delicious!  Or surprisingly weird!  We have fun trying to figure out what Dad put in it this time. But this is only one of his many talents. He also runs a remodel business (which the older boys often help in as well), leads worship at our church, dances with mom in the kitchen and plays airsoft wars with his boys.  We’re pretty crazy about him.


Jenny - "Mom"

When she's not busy changing diapers, homeschooling, nursing the baby, or helping the kids settle an argument or build a block tower, you can find her in her hammock enjoying God’s creation (though that doesn’t happen very often!). But amidst the busy and sometimes crazy days, she makes it her aim to treasure each baby snuggle, each smile and kiss, the conversations, laughter, and wrestling with the older boys (which she no longer wins!). And when she gets the time, she writes about her journey on her blog



Jake - 14

You'll know it's Jake if he has a book (or Kindle) in his hand and a knife in his pocket.  He loves anything to do with knives, from studying them to making them.  He is a young man with lots of ideas and is always making something new, from blowguns, throwing stars and rockets, to Star Wars helmets and air powered guns. And he writes about them all on his blog (  His newest adventure begins soon, as he looks forward to getting his driver’s permit!

Zack - 13

If you want to get on Zack's turf, just bring a sword, an airsoft gun or a bow and arrow and be ready for a fight!  He’s good at almost anything physical.  And though he could take just about anyone in a sword fight, inside he’s a tender-hearted, compassionate, and funny young man (he’s quite the jokester- you should see his Barney Fife impression)!  He loves to capture the daily life of our family on camera (as well as lots of funny faces of himself) and has recently taken up the blog Jake used to write called Mena Boys’ Adventures.  You can find it here:

Ben - 10

If you like big hugs and a passionate heart, you’ll love Ben.  He’s full of life and throws himself into everything he does. He has big dreams, including being a missionary in the jungles of South America!  He may be fearless and a little crazy (well, maybe a lot crazy), but he’s definitely fun to have around!  Just ask his brothers what Ben does when they explore the creek!  He loves playing football with his brothers, reading missionary biographies, and just hanging out with the family.

Sam - 9

Hidden behind his seemingly quiet, reserved persona, lies a fun-loving, energetic boy who is not only very silly, but very sweet.  He always has something in is hands, and is usually throwing it up in the air and catching it…while running through the house.  Now that’s talent! He enjoys playing football, card games and anything else with his brothers, eating nonstop, and wrestling with Zack.  If only he could remember where he put his school books!


Hailey Jo - 7

Before Haven came along this last year, Hailey was the only girl among 7 brothers!  Now she is the proud big sister to her sweet little Haven and she’s enjoying every minute of it!  She’s always been the second mom in our home (she seems to have a way of bossing those boys around!), but now even more so as she helps care for Haven and grows more responsible each day.  Her beautiful smile and cheerful singing (she makes up her own songs) brings joy to our home.

Jed - 6

Following in his big brother Jake’s footsteps, Jed loves to make all kinds of creative stuff.  He collects anything he can find (mostly junk) and says, “I’m going to make something with this!”  He spends hours in the front yard with his hammer, nails, and scrap wood, building his “house.”  And now that he’s getting older he really wants to do all the things the big boys do…especially play airsoft. We’re so thankful for our inquisitive, sweet, goofy, tender-hearted, and hard-working little (big) guy.

Abel - 4

If only we could capture Abel’s giggle and smile in a bottle.  With his sweet, bubbly and outgoing personality, Abel can win your heart in a moment.  He’s not afraid to talk to anyone.  At Christmastime he even made sure to yell “Merry Christmas!” out the window at the mailman. He’s full of life and laughter, hugs and smiles, and he’s smart as a whip too. 

Ezra - 2

I don't think you've ever met a happier little boy than Ezra.  And even if he’s sad or upset, all you have to do give him a big smile and he melts and smiles right back.  He’s tender and loving, which is seen in how he loves and cares for his “favorite kitten” as he calls it, spending hours holding and cuddling her. But watch out, this little guy has a funny side that’s hilarious with his mischievous grin and sneaky little eyes.


Haven - 1

Can you say “Squishy?” That’s what we call our sweet little baby girl. She’s the prized possession of the household and all her siblings compete for her love and attention.  She has brought so much joy to our home and our hearts.  And what a fun surprise it was when she was born and another girl was added to the Mena family!